Wood is known to be the most resilient of all materials. If maintained well, it has the ability to last a lifetime and more.

Weather resistant

Wood if seasoned well before making furniture is delightfully weather resistant. There is no need to even shelter such wood from season’s harshness.

Conversation pieces

Wouldn’t you love people flocking around your choice of furniture during celebrations? Oh! How you love those compliments and hope they never cease.

Investment benefits

Buying real wooden furniture is sometimes likened to making smart investments. This is mainly because within a few years itself, the solid wood furniture has the capacity.

The Company


Think class when you think wood:


It happens sometimes when you see an exquisite-crafted wooden furniture like the writer’s desk with detailing done like the writer’s ink bottle provision and the paraphernalia and you instantly fall in love with it. there is an invisible bond that draw you to closely examine the desk and then all you want to do about it is to make it your prized possession and use it to decorate the most haloed part of your house –your study!


We are wooden desk manufacturers for more than a century:


Our fore fathers have created masterpieces that have adorned the palaces of the maharajahs and kings. Some of the pieces that have been manufactured by our forefathers and bear the seal of the company take place of pride in some of the best museums in the world. They are living legends that will continue to garner appreciation and adulation for many more centuries to come!


We are committed to creation not just manufacturing:


When we start on a product, we are starting to create it as opposed to manufacturing it. We do not believe in assembly line manufacturing because our Unique Selling Point is bespoke furniture. It is the kind of furniture that will not just be given to your children but will be proudly passed from generation to generation as heirloom.


And with every passing decade the intrinsic value of our products increase manifold. When you look at it, it will be a reminder of the wonderful eye that you had for quality and detail and the foresight that you had when you decided to invest in such a beautiful product as ours!Come have a look, you will be truly amazed that the best creations in wood are still to be discovered!

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